IPL Laser hair removal is unique

IPL can totally minimize hair growth, most effectively in darker, more coarse hair. There are numerous names and machines for pulsed light treatment methods such as E-Light, ELOS, and M-Light. Laser hair removal is unique and uses coherent, monochromatic laser light. Laser hair removal machines have been developed with 50 years of technology behind them.

The use of lasers in medical solutions first off began to earn recognition in the 1960's, when cosmetic surgeons used laser technology as a cutting device. The capacity of light technology for cosmetic applications was not acknowledged for a long time, and first gained acceptance as a way of firming up the skin after liposuction. The late 1990's and early 2000's saw an increase in the popularity of laser-skin repair. IPL technology during this time saw a great increase in both use and production of new machines.

Today, the technology is widespread and the apparatus used are unbelievably advanced. Practically all risk of harm has been reduced from the procedure, which has gained government approval in most countries.

Although very safe, only practitioners who are trained in the use of IPL laser machines should operate them.

Although written recorded history go back only six millennia, the history of skin decoration and care is likely a lot longer, perhaps as long as mankind itself. Using face ornamentation to gain attention or terrify opponents in battle are cultural constants throughout history. Looking one's best to greatly improve social standing, denote superior rank in society, or strengthen the chances of coupling with the most attractive members of the opposite sex, also appear to be popular concerns. Whether learned behaviours or something planted in our genetic code (most likely right beside the shopping gene), there is considerable evidence that proves skin care and cosmetics have long been with us.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Skin Rejuvenation is the most cutting-edge style of light-based skin treatment. By employing highly pinpointed medical lasers, in a small-sized area of the skin, specific skin issues can be targeted and repaired.

The technology operates by using Square Intense Pulsed Light, is sucked in into particular targeted cells and causes damage to the area. This damage promotes a wound-healing response in the skin, without a major tissue build-up. Essentially, the skin begins to rapidly produce new skin cells, which take the place of old, damaged or imperfect patches of skin. IPL is more effective than other skin rejuvenation technologies thanks to the high frequency and intensity of the light applied. The skin in between the target areas is left unaffected, which promotes much more rapid healing and faster improvement.

LED light therapy

LED light therapy is 100% pain free, and you will love the amazing results. A soothing and rejuvenating treatment that is non-invasive and relaxing.

The number of skin conditions that can be treated with LED light therapy are numerous.  Whether you have acne, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, acne scarring and rosacea, LED therapy will help minimise your condition whilst soothing the skin and reducing redness and inflammation. LED light therapy uses light-emitting diode (LED) technology to activate and promote collagen production and increase the rate of skin cell renewal. Enhanced collagen production greatly reduces wrinkles and improves the overall texture of the epidermis, resulting in a more youthful, radiant appearance and texture.

For anti-aging, LED therapy is an option when performed in a beauty salon, but just like when used for treating acne, light therapy will never replace a great skin-care routine (and daily use of sunscreen, whether the forecast is cloudy or sunny)! At best, they are a complement, and at worst you won’t see results and will feel as though you’ve wasted your time and money.

Last, with any of these treatments, consistency and patience are the keys to success. These treatments require a time commitment, and if you're not willing to invest the time, you may not want to invest the money—or you may want to see your dermatologist to discuss more "potent" treatments such as non-ablative lasers or fractional resurfacing.

Your professional beauty therapist will have a thorough discussion with you prior to treatment to ensure the most appropriate treatment is chosen for your skin condition. You may also want to try oxygen facials, what a soothing treatment!


Life Coaching: Know How To Balance Your Wheel Of Life

Balancing your wheel of life can be so challenging and many people fail to balance their wheel because they lack some guidance. If you want to know whether your wheel is balanced ask yourself some simple questions; am I able to keep up with my busy career and at the same time have time for myself, time for my family or time for my friends? If the answer is NO then it’s time to look for a life coaching expert to help you out.

A fulfilling life is that which you balance between your work and personal life. Many people don’t know what to give priority in their life; they find their work so demanding and their families so demanding as well. When you are in such a situation the world becomes so big that you cannot manage anything. The result? Some people end up having issues with their families, break ups occur because the spouse feels you don’t care anymore. Others end up having issues with their employers because of underperforming or maybe failure to meet deadlines. The worst is for the two to happen at the same time, you may wish the world to swallow you live so that you can forget these miseries.

Have you ever been in the above situation? You are not alone. Gerry, a friend of mine working with the one of the big four auditing companies explained to me how awful the situation was before making up his mind of looking for a life coach. “Stress was the order of the day for me,” he says. “Leaving my house at four in the morning and back at nine in the evening made my son to almost forget who dad was. I felt so bad realizing that my family was tearing apart.”  Gerry made a decision of talking to a life coach and when he opened up about his situation, all was resolved.

You don’t have to think about your work Monday to Monday. Weekends are meant for family, go out with your family or friends, have fun and forget about other stress. You have to work SMART and not just working. Be positive in everything and learn to exercise. Are you having a balanced diet? Some people get so occupied with work that they forget they have to eat. Plan and work on your schedule. Stop worrying too much on objectives you have not achieved, you may have set unattainable goals.

Is your life balanced now? Talk to a life coach to help you out.

5 reasons to hire a party caterer

Parties are supposed to be enjoyable and fun but for many hosts and hostesses their smile may hide anything but enjoyment and fun. 

Here are 5 reasons to hire a Party Food Caterering Melbourne

1.       The right food

Food is at the heart of many parties and providing the right food can be challenging, especially for someone who doesn’t work with food every day. With a party you generally have a wide variety of tastes to cater for and getting the balance of tastes in your food is where a party caterer excels. With a party caterer the food becomes their problem not yours.

2.       Cost control

When hiring a party caterer you have control of costs. For a business party or even a home party you will have a budget and using a party caterer will help you control this budget and can maximise what you get out of your budget. With a party caterer there is no guess work in what it will cost to feed each person and food waste will be minimised. The cost spent on a party caterer will pay off in value.

3.       You don’t have to shop

When you host a party and manage the catering yourself there is much more than just food preparation, there is the shopping for the food and the ingredients. Hunting around for the best prices or the right food can be as much hard work as managing the entire party on its own. When you hire a party caterer they do all the shopping for the food and perhaps all you need to do is go shopping for a gift or the perfect outfit and that is far less stressful!

4.       Wow it looks good

More than anything you need a “wow” from your guests and whether they are friends, colleagues, customers or suppliers this is what everyone wants. A party catering company wants the wow as much as you do and they know all the secrets to ensuring it is achieved on multiple levels.  Any investment in a catering company will pay off in the end result.

5.       More time with the guests

Very often when you have to manage your party yourself you cannot relax and you are keeping an eye on absolutely everything. When you have hired a Party Caterer this stress and racing around is eliminated and you can sit back and enjoy the party.  Professional party caterers understand the pressures of a party on the organiser or host, they will do everything possible to ensure you are the belle of the ball and can spend time enjoying YOUR party.

Party catering specialists really are worth their weight in gold.  Many party catering companies organise much more than the food and can hire other equipment, supply staff for catering events and even create an entire theme for you. Their job is to make the party really swing and for them they enjoy seeing happy guests. If you want happy guests and want to enjoy your next party call in a party catering specialist. 

The Different Types of Rubbish Removal Businesses

Although you may not think about it, rubbish removal is big business. It is an important aspect of a properly functioning society.

From toxic waste to recyclable rubbish, there are many forms of rubbish, so naturally there are many types of rubbish removal businesses. Each specializes in their given field, cleaning the world and serving society in their own special way.

Before hiring just any rubbish removal service provider to haul your garbage away, first you should consider what type of rubbish you actually have.

Hazardous Waste

The majority of people won’t have hazardous waste laying around their property, but there are may instances where you could, such as medical waste, cleaning products, laboratory products, as well as various construction products. Dispelling chemicals increases the risk of creating chemical reactions. Chemicals and hazardous waste are also highly pollutant to our planet, which is why toxic waste removal is so important.

Unlike other areas of rubbish removal, removing hazardous waste involves the absolute need of specialists who can analyze each situation, as toxic waste can be so dangerous. A hazardous waste removal company must have a safe means of packaging and transporting the rubbish.

Bulk Rubbish

With large items comes great responsibility. It is difficult to move large things without damaging the surrounding property. Even more important, moving large objects is dangerous for everyone involved. A company that plans to move large items should have the proper experience to prevent an accident, yet insurance in case an accident does happen. 

In addition, you need the proper equipment and means of transportation. The size and number of a company's equipment and vehicles can greatly limit what they can haul away. Some objects need to be lifted using heavy equipment, which obviously costs more. 

Ordinary Rubbish

Ordinary rubbish includes every day rubbish that a typical household or business would create. As there are more options in this field when choosing which rubbish removal company to hire, services offered and customer service are important factors to consider. The best companies offer a wide range of services and competitive prices.

Construction Rubbish

Construction rubbish refers to anything that may be thrown away on a construction site. It can be bits of construction material that aren’t usable or materials that are being removed and replaced. Typically with construction rubbish, a very large bin will be placed on the construction site and loaded over time, being hauled away when necessary.

Green Waste

Green waste is what you end up with after a busy weekend backyard cleanup. Small amounts are loaded into garden bags, but for large cleanups, a skip may be required. 

Recyclable Rubbish

Recyclable rubbish can be any man made product that can be repurposed, reused, or scrapped and turned into something else. It also includes organic matter than can be composted or broken down into mulch and wood chips. A great recyclable rubbish removal company ensures that all materials are recycled properly and efficiently. 

Finger Food Catering

Finger Food Catering

We have all been to one, either a work function, wedding or party and the venue is full of tables bristling with bite sized (or not so) snacks... yes Finger Food.  Despite being around for ages Finger Foods have become very much a trend in corporate catering but what must be considered before just putting out some plates and piling them up with food?

Choice and the exception to the rule

It is essential to have choice and variety, people all have different tastes. Because people have different tastes and people are different you need to consider things such as vegetarians or even vegans, allergies especially shellfish, halaal or kosher. It is almost certain that there will be at least one person in any group that is in one of the “other” boxes and with variety and planning these can be catered for and it is recommended to have at least two choices for each group.  The best way to overcome this though is to plan and ask in advance if there are any special requirements.

How much food?

You need to know the purpose of the catering, it may be a lunch or dinner that is replacing that meal and thus you will need up to 8 portions per guest but if the event is a corporate function, product launch or something general meals are not so likely to be replaced and the food is more complementary and thus portion are reduced to 3, 4 or maybe 5 per guest.

Hot, cold or both?

Very often there is a variety of both hot and cold food in the finger food buffet and getting a preference from the customer can make planning and preparation easier.  Hot food should be warm not scalding hot or hot to the point where it burns fingers and serving should be managed to avoid the food going stone cold before consumption. If you are serving 200 warm sausage rolls for example don’t send them all out in one batch, send them in smaller batches keeping them warm behind the scenes. Likewise with cold items they must remain fresh and cool, there is nothing worse that curled up lettuce or dropping sandwiches.


Often finger food is eaten standing up and the guests may have a plate in one hand and a glass in the other.  Finger Food catering is not just about the food and the set-up of the venue plays is big part. Some foods need two hands to eat and often because of glass in one hand and plate in the other a place to set down the plate and glass is essential and incorporating this is essential for a successful finger food party.

Messy, Sticky and dripping

We all do it from time to time and there is nothing worse at a function to have food that drips and dribbles everywhere when bitten into to,  being elegant or looking professional is challenging with red sauce on your dress or shirt. The trick is to use minimal sauce with plenty of flavour and even no sauce on the food and rather have small dipping bowls of sauce for the guests to use.

Left to long looks bad

Often venues are not kept at the ideal temperature or the food is served a little later than planned and because of this the food can lose its texture and appeal. Crème fraiche looks nice on crisp bread but left too long goes soggy, if there is a delay in proceedings find out and plan the serving accordingly and during the course of the function replace items that have been sat and are going soggy.  Fried foods, springs rolls for example, lose their crunch and even become chewy so don’t serve them too soon or serve them in smaller batches. 

Getting the balance of the right food, at the right temperature and looking and tasting good is art of finger food catering and with these few pointers you can do it because we can! 


Are Breakouts Causing Discomfort? Definitely Acne Can Give You An Ugly Look

Everyone desires a silkier skin, smooth look, soft touch; we try so hard to eat foods that keep us looking young, applying make-ups to look more beautiful, taking care of our beautiful skin with great concern about the dangers of UV rays that come with early aging signs. A sprinkling of pimples on our faces is never on the list of what we desire not even an imagination that cross our mind; it looks ugly anyway and no one desires an ugly look.

How then can you avoid this ugly look? How do you go about the treatment in case you have acne? Well, research shows that eating too many refined carbs and not having balanced diet raises insulin level which triggers the release of hormones that inflame follicles and increase oil production. People who also take a lot of dairy are at high chances of acne. Having stress will also subject one to having acne as stress hormones such as cortisol increases inflammation levels in the body and stimulate oil glands.

How best can you treat acne?

Several measures can be taken in treatment of acne. Some effective treatments include microdermabrasion which is via an IPL Machine used by a beauty therapist. Ensure that your beauty therapist has had microdermabrasion training with a reputable organisation. Beauty equipment has come leaps and bounds in recent years and is a great alternative to drug treatments.

Aldactone drug that was long known for treatment of blood pressure was found to have double effect in treating acne. The drug blocks receptors of the hormone Androgen helping to minimise chances of Testosterone surges that prompt pimples. During the blue light therapy, the powerful rays penetrate follicles to kill off acne causing bacteria. Use a cleanser with bacteria killing Benzoyl Peroxide combined with Erythromycin. A combination of Retinoids with antibacterial is more effective as retinoids have anti wrinkle properties which also help stimulate collagen production. Tea tree oil from the leaves of a tree native to Australia has antiseptic properties that help reduce acne causing bacteria. This oil is found in soaps, skin washes and topical solutions. Gels, wipes, creams and sprays with Salicylic acid can do you a great deal when used to treat acne.

If you know how to prevent it, you also need to know the treatment just in case it happens to you!

Different Types Of IPL Laser Machines With Different Functionalities

IPL Laser are two words that should not confuse you. Even though the working mechanism is similar, to some extent they work on different principles. While IPL uses a wide spectrum of light with different wavelengths, Lasers uses selective principle to target the area being treated. The working mechanism is similar in a way that both uses light energy which is converted to heat energy that penetrates the skin during treatment.

There are different types of laser machines with different functions ranging from medical, beauty and aesthetics as well as artistic designs. Some laser machines are designed to read bar codes while others are designed to engrave numeric, pictures and letters.

From the medication point of view, there are Laser machines that are used in eye surgery in reshaping the cornea when correcting eye problems, others are used in spine surgery as an alternative to scalpels while others are used to slice away dangerous tumour n the body.

In cosmetic and aesthetic, fractional Lasers are used for skin resurfacing. On the same note, Hair removal, Tattoo removal, photo rejuvenation and other beauty treatments have different Laser machines that carry out the function. In hair removal for example, the laser machine to be used will be based on the skin type. For instance, Diode lasers are suitable for white skinned people, ND: YAG are best for dark skinned and Alexandrite suits pale skinned complexion.

Advancement in technology has lead to machines that use combined elements bringing up machines that are multi-functional in nature. For example, now we have machines that combine Lasers, IPL, Radio Frequency and lipolysis. Such a machine aims to treat several problems including hair removal, face lift, pigmentation, skin tightening, acne, wrinkle removal, skin rejuvenation and spider vein removal. Such machines are named as E-light and can be used in slimming or fat cavitation.

Depending on what kind of treatment and what skin type, IPL Lasers are the most effective and the machines uses the latest technology to give outstanding performance. The IPL Laser machines are available with the most leading manufacturers and suppliers that are approved. So when you are thinking of investment think of IPL Laser machines.

The Laser Clinics

At laser clinics treatment begins with a thorough consultation with one of the skin specialists, who will listen and assess the skin to be treated keenly before giving advice on the best and most affordable treatment plan to suit the specific needs of an individual. These clinics are easily accessible and well-advertised in the magazines and through the media meaning that the laser clinics are just a phone call away.

Laser Clinics generally specialize in laser hair removal, skin and anti-ageing treatments where they make use of intense well filtered spectrum of light to ensure clients maintain their youthful looks by scrapping off old sagging skin and unwanted hair completely from the skin surface.

The laser clinics are able to perform laser hair removal treatments, which are the most reliable fast and gentle method of eliminating unwanted hair from the skin surface with permanent results on all parts of the body by making use only gold standard medical grade laser machines. Laser clinic hair removal is the ultimate solution to shaving and waxing everyone has been looking for.

Laser Clinics normally employ an experienced team of staff members, who are fully trained in a wide range of skin therapies which include sun damage treatments and pigmentations, laser acne treatments, vascular lesion removal, skin needling to treat scars, sun damage and fine lines plus microdermabrasion which is used as an anti-ageing and deep exfoliating treatment to scrap away dead skin cells from the body.

Laser Clinics have the largest team of injectors who are able to perform all the anti-wrinkle treatments to erase signs of ageing, leaving one looking fresh, younger and relaxed. The experienced team members are also well experienced in Dermal Fillers treatments, to fill up the skin layers thus helping restore the skin's volume loss and wrinkles and give one a more rejuvenated and youthful look.

Laser clinics are relatively much cheaper currently due to the evolvement of technology which has brought out new machines with a broad spectrum and easier to operate thus cutting on cost of the therapy in laser clinics.

Laser Clinics are committed to provide the safest and most effective skin therapy available in a friendly, relaxing atmosphere. They have the experience, the equipment and the training required to provide every one with the best in skin care and unwanted hair removal services.

One may be asking why choose on laser clinics the answer is simply because you will be able to meet experts who can handle all types of skin and know exactly what works best for you specific condition. The specialist also make use of modern, highly researched, medical grade laser therapy machines that  covers the entire face while giving extra attention to problematic areas of the skin.

Is Beauty Meant For Femininity Alone

Many people have a notion of relating beauty to femininity and actually think that women like pampering themselves a lot and that is why women go for beauty treatments. I term this awkward thinking. Long before people realized beauty therapy industry, people only new of hair salons as offering hair services; even with this in mind, didn’t men shave their hairs and beards? Barber services are offered in beauty salons alongside other beauty treatments.

Not only women who like being pampered and groomed; men as well go for beauty treatments. Everyone knows the effective changes beauty treatments creates in the body and the benefits that comes with beauty treatments leaves everyone appreciating beauty.

We are all subjected to hash working conditions and especially men who work long hours a day feel more tired at the end of the day. This calls for a massage to relax the body and help stimulate blood flow.

I understand that women are prone to much stress than men but this doesn’t mean that men are excluded from getting stressed up. Stress makes people grow old early enough. Men are the ones who smoke a lot and this means the level of antioxidants in their bodies reduces drastically and also collagen production reduces.

This subjects their skin to imperfections, skin sagging and wrinkles developing. All these issues gives us reasons to go for beauty treatments irrespective of whether you are a man or a woman. Beauty relates to health; not femininity or masculinity.

Don’t men desire to have a smooth skin? Of course they do; getting a permanent hair removal solution, men’s facial, massage therapy and other beauty treatments will leave your skin glowing and looking as young as ever. No one can stand to claim that men are “real” and women are “made-up” since our skin requires equal treatment for beauty.

So men scrub off the idea that beauty is for women and just know that beauty therapy is for everyone and for a young looking skin, you need to take a step in caring for your skin. Get beauty treatments that will make your skin glow and give you a young looking complexion.